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MPA + Katherine Hubbard
Dates: 07.19.2010 – 08.06.2010
Opening: 07.19.2010

MPA and Katie Hubbard are collaborating to create a series of fashion articulations for
the purpose of creating images to be reproduced in a new art feminist culture
magazine/zine RANDY being released in September by A.K. Burns and Sophie Mörner.
Expanding on the invitation to produce a fashion spread, Hubbard and MPA incorporate
labour and performance resulting in rough-made wearable forms as the installation.

The invitation to expand the terms of the collaboration and incorporate the gallery
space is welcomed. Our practice engages sensory deprivation as a tool to
relocate the body and the materials used in building these forms (wood, elastic,
canvas, etc.). We view photography, both in the act and the object (print), as the
means to collapsing spaces, the performative and the production.

We have given ourselves permission to swim in abstraction and momentarily
suspend political specificity. We understand this as an indulgent, art-making
ejaculation. We do this to expand the space between things to cause a linguistic
stutter. To prolong judgment before our form and forms make decisions. To ask
what is the material for psychic survival? And at what point does the body
become the material and the photo, the physicality of the making?
-MPA + Katie Hubbard

For further information contact Kim Bourus at 212.249.6100.