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The Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind Years, 1946 to 1971
Exhibition: Students from the Institute of Design
Dates: 09.25.2010 – 10.30.2010
Opening: 09.25.2010, 4-6pm

Higher Pictures presents Students from the Institute of Design: During the Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind Years, 1946 to 1971. The exhibition consists of over thirty vintage works dating from 1946 to 1971 by accomplished and newly discovered artists who studied with Harry Callahan and/or Aaron Siskind at the influential and highly regarded Institute of Design in Chicago.

The commonality and allure in these works signify the materialization of the abstract, modes of experimentation and the discovery of potential.

Artists in the exhibition include:

Altschuler, Franz
Barrow, Thomas
Blair, James P.
Blondeau, Barbara
Cohen, Alan
Connor, Linda
Crane, Barbara
Field, Lois
Hale, Steve
Heyl, Kurt
Ishimoto, Yasuhiro
Jachna, Joseph D.
Josephson, Kenneth
Kendall, Jea
Knudtson, Thomas
Kowal, Cal
(Dorr) Lea, Mary Ann
Larson, Willia
Leinwohl, Stef
Lewandowski, Leon
Metzker, Ray K.
Newman, Marvin E.
Nickel, Richar
Porett, Thomas
Rago, Thomas
Steinhauser, Judith
Stiegler, Robert
Swedlund, Charles A.
Tanner, Rober
Traub, Charles H.


For further information contact Kim Bourus at 212.249.6100.

This exhibition is organized in association with Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago