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Artie Vierkant
Dates: 09.20.2012 – 10.27.2012
Opening: 09.20.2012, 6-8pm

Higher Pictures presents the first solo exhibition in New York of Artie Verkant. This exhibition
will consist of works from the series Image Objects, which are considered to be at the
forefront of new forms of visual art. Vierkant’s Image Objects are UV prints produced on
machine-cut sintra. The pieces blend various abstract forms and digital techniques that
suggest realistic spatial depth and material layering on an entirely flat, two-dimensional

Artie Vierkant’s work traverses various media, both physical and immaterial. In addition to
physical objects, Vierkant creates works that exist only as digital files, websites, or stray
language circulating on the Internet. For Vierkant, the documentation of the work becomes
artwork in itself, as the artist continually intervenes in his own installation views, adding
layers of abstraction and other imagery. Viewing the work one cannot be sure what exists in
physical space and what exists solely as an image.

Artie Vierkant (b. 1986) has received an MFA from the University of California San Diego in
2011 and a BA in Photography from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009. He has shown
his work internationally, including exhibitions at Higher Pictures, New York; Institute of
Contemporary Art, London; Seventeen Gallery, London; China Art Objects, Los Angeles;
Johan Berggren Gallery, Malmö Sweden; Nederlands Institut voor Mediakunst (NIMk),
Amsterdam; Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam; Import Projects, Berlin; and in a variety of non-
institutional contexts on the Internet. His work was the subject of a feature article in the
March 2012 issue of Artforum, has been included in the UbuWeb archive, and featured in
Rethinking Photography (Routledge), Post Internet by Gene McHugh, Mousse Magazine,
ARTINFO, PWR Paper, and more. He lives and works in New York.

For further information contact Kim Bourus at 212.249.6100.