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Artie Vierkant
Exhibition: Artie Vierkant - Usage Pending
Dates: 4/10 - 5/10/2014
Opening: Thursday, April 10, 6 - 8pm

Higher Pictures presents Usage Pending, an exhibition of new works by Artie Vierkant.

The works on view mark a synthesis of two of the artist’s major ongoing projects:
Image Objects—UV prints on dibond that commingle geometric color abstraction with questions surrounding digital objecthood and representation—and Exploits—a series in which Vierkant purchases or licenses varying types of intellectual properties to use as materials in his work. Throughout these series, Vierkant maintains a consistent route of investigation into the meeting points between the virtual and the actual, as well as the union of aesthetics with conceptual investigation.

For Vierkant, a critical component of his Exploits series is the permissions and direct involvement of the individual or corporate entities from whom the intellectual property originates. For example, previous works in the series involved obtaining the right to manufacture objects based on existing patents. A negotiation and transaction takes place between the patent owner and Vierkant, after which the registered patent number becomes a part of the materials list for the work.

For several months, Vierkant has been in contact with representatives of the [redacted] Corporation negotiating the use of its trademark and logo(s) to use as the basis for new works. This negotiation was to be completed by the opening of this exhibition but has yet to be finalized.

As Vierkant’s negotiation with [redacted] Corporation is still ongoing, the pieces installed at Higher Pictures are works in progress until the negotiation is completed. As a show of good faith to [redacted], the works on view will be obscured from view until such a time as the negotiation is completed.

[redacted] Corporation, formerly a giant in the world of consumer photography, drew Vierkant’s interest several years ago when they announced they would cease their own manufacturing. The company would reformulate to carry on the essence of the company to a new generation by licensing its brand to other manufacturers, service providers, and, in this case, artists.

Artie Vierkant was born in Brainerd, Minnesota in 1986, and holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California, San Diego. He lives and works in New York.

For more information please contact the gallery at 212.249.6100.