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50 Artists Photograph the Future
Exhibition: Curated by Dean Daderko
Dates: 05.08.2010 – 07.03.2010
Opening: 05.08.2010 7-9pm

Tomorrow, again.

One of the artist’s great gifts is that of vision. I’m not only talking about the
pleasurable and wonderfully important sense of the visual, but also how art provides
us with the sense of possibility of ‘another’ future. Envisioning a possibility puts us
that much closer to attaining it. If art can be used as a tool to expand the mind and
redirect consciousness, how does the artist convince a viewer that this tool is not
an end in itself?

The artistic responses to the question “what does the future look like?” as
evidenced by the works in 50 Artists Photograph The Future, are surprising and
invigorating: the future looks like the present reality of an obsolescent past; it looks
like something we are moving toward and away from; it is abstract and it is physical.
With a sense of hope, it does not discount the past, but rather accommodates for
past failures and their ultimate corrections as we move forward.
Dean Daderko
Brooklyn, 2010

For further information contact Kim Bourus at 212.249.6100.

50 Artists Photograph The Future
Derrick Adams
Olivier Babin
Lucas Blalock
Cliff Borress
Matthew Buckingham
Alejandro Cesarco
Pradeep Dalal
Moyra Davey
Stephanie Diamond
Madeline Djerejian
Zachary Drucker + A.L. Steiner
Sam Falls
Hans-Peter Feldmann
Daphne Fitzpatrick
Glen Fogel
Eve Fowler
Chitra Ganesh
Andrea Geyer
Julio Grinblatt
Robin Graubard
K8 Hardy
David Humphrey
LaToya Ruby Frazier
Nina Hoffmann
Jamie Isenstein
Luis Jacob and Chris Curreri
Jodie Vicenta Jacobson
Deana Lawson
Zoe Leonard
Katja Mater
Josiah McElhenny
Paul Mpagi Sepuya
Claire Pentecost
Lucy Pullen
Adam Putnam
Eileen Quinlan
Justine Reyes
Mariah Robertson
Carrie Schneider
Dan Torop
Wu Ingrid Tsang
Jaimie Warren
Leilah Weinraub
Brenna Youngblood