"Women of the Photo League"

by Vince Aletti

The Women of the Photo League

The New Yorker



Most active in the nineteen-forties, New York’s Photo League was known primarily for its commitment to progressive political causes and social change-a position that landed the organization on the Justice Department’s blacklist in 1947. The league didn’t survive long after that, but its members have had a lasting impact, as this savvy show focussing on the women among them makes very clear. Helen Levitt, Lisette Model, Barbara Morgan, and Berenice Abbott are the stars here, but the supporting cast-all of whom took the poor and working class as their prime subject-is impressive. Look for work by Vivian Cherry, Sandra Weiner, Consuelo Kanaga, Lida Moser, and Rae Russel. Through May 9. (Higher Pictures, 764 Madison Ave., at 65th St. 212-249-6100.)