Goings On About Town: Art
by Vince Alleti
Students from the Institute of Design
The New Yorker

A clumsy title can’t smother this elegant, engrossing little show. Founded in 1937 as the New Bauhaus, Chicago’s Institute of Design was one of the first important photography schools in America; under Callahan and Siskind, it was also one of the most influential, famous for its avant-garde approach.  Of the thirty photographers here, several (including Ray K. Metzker, Linda Connor, and Kenneth Josephson) are well established; many more are intriguing rediscoveries.  Look for work by Franz Altschuler, Cal Kowal, William Larson, and Charles A. Swedlund, whose striking 1957 photogram of a naked baby anticipates Adam Fuss by more than three decades.  Through Oct. 30.