This Week’s Must-See Art Events

by Michael Anthony Farley and Corinna Kirsch

Photography Sees the Surface

Art F City


Photography Sees the Surface

This show gets a nod because curator Aspen Mays is a super-talented photographer (I once bid on her work at an auction in Chicago at Roots & Culture and I *almost* won it), so I’m down to see who she’s selected as choice photographers, both past and present.

Artists: Ben Alper, Molly Brandt, Ellen Carey, Lynne Cohen, Linda Connor, AnnieLaurie Erickson, Ben Fain, Jackie Furtado, Nick George, Ann Hamilton, Peter Happel Christian, Whitney Hubbs, Lowey & Puiseux, Jessica Mallios, Man Ray, Casey McGonagle, Eileen Mueller, John Opera, Gina Osterloh, Justin James Reed, Meghann Riepenhoff, Melanie Schiff, Adam Schreiber, Frederick Sommer, Sonja Thomsen, Minor White, Jeff Whetstone, and Anonymous.

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