The 5 Best Booths at Paris Internationale

by Shanti Escalante-de Mattei

Justine Kurland, Paris Internationale



Valerie Solanas wrote SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) Manifesto in 1967. A year later she shot Andy Warhol. Solanas’s text has recently been of renewed interest, especially following Andrea Long Chu’s manifesto Females, which explores Solanas’ ideology. Photographer Justine Kurland, presented by the Brooklyn-based gallery Higher Pictures Generation, is the latest to take on Solanas’ call. In her series “Society for Cutting Up Men’s Books (SCUMB)”, she created collages by cutting out images from her favorite art books that featured male photographers who have monopolized the field of photography.

The collages recall a moment of feminist rage that seems due for resurrection. The results are abstracted, fractal, and dense, a far cry from Kurland’s photographic work, in which her subjects, typically wild young women and girls, were surrounded by a calm natural landscape.