This Week: Must-See Arts in the City

by Carolina A. Miranda

Jill Freedman



Jill Freedman, Street Cops at Higher Pictures In the wake of the Occupy Wall Street protests, there’s a lot of talk going on in New York City and beyond about cops and what constitutes excessive force. Therefore, it may not be the ideal time to be shilling an exhibit that’s all about the NYPD. But that’s what I’m going to do here, largely because Freedman’s photos are so darn compelling. To be certain, this isn’t about the police force of today — it’s about New York beat cops of the 1970s, when crime in the city was beginning to spiral out of control. For several years, Freedman followed officers from the Ninth and Midtown precincts as they did their duties: dealing with suicides, arresting drug dealers and tending to the aftermath of East Village bar fights. It’s a sympathetic portrait of police work, but also an unflinching look at life on the streets of New York. Through October 29, on the Upper East Side.