Curran Hatleberg

Blouin Art Info


An exhibition of the latest photographs taken by a renowned photographer is currently being displayed in a significant solo exhibition. Higher Pictures gallery is presenting the works of Curran Hatleberg at its New York venue. This second solo show of the artist at the gallery will run until January 13, 2018.

This exhibition showcases 13 recent photographs by the artist that capture fleeting moments in regular American experiences. Outwardly daily events, but that still amaze us with their novelty. The photographer shows us picture of a man wiping bees from his eyes, a girl sits on a pile of rubble with a snake in her lap, a boy pointing upwards towards the sky seemingly frozen in that posture. In some other pictures, he shows happy family pictures of common American people interacting with nature, like in “Front Porch” he shows an entire family sitting on the front porch. In a particularly beautiful picture he shows the play of light and shadow on the face of a woman.