By Isabel Castro

All the Days and Nights

Whitewall Magazine


Doug DuBois: All the Days and Nights (Aperture, 2009) illuminates what it means to be a memoirist through the eyes of a photographer and the repercussions of such a daunting task. In 1984, when Doug Dubois’ father almost died from falling from a commuter train, the photographer assumed the role of his family’s documenter, and this book shows 62 photographs taken over the following 25 years. The photographs leave you asking for more and for explanations of the moments that comprised all the days and nights of this family’s tragic and haunting tale of depression and perseverance. The photographs document the fear, pain, sadness, and hope of these 25 years and of the hardships faced as result of Dubois’ father’s accident, and together, they create a narrative that is shockingly personal.