by Paul Laster

AIPAD Photography Show

Art in America


The AIPAD Photography Show returned to the Park Avenue Armory for its 33rd edition with a lively mix of vintage and contemporary works in a variety of mediums. Galleries that are known for showing more than photography—including P.P.O.W., Bryce Wolkowitz, and David Zwirner—brought new works by artists who mine the medium but prefer to show in a broader setting. “This is our second consecutive year at AIPAD, where we are presenting a survey of experimental works by James Welling,” Zwirner’s Julia Joern told A.i.A. at the preview.

Solo shows are rare at AIPAD, but Higher Pictures matched Zwirner’s achievement by mounting an elegant display of K8 Hardy’s radical color montages. Equally striking was the number of big pictures on view, like Stephen Wilkes’s photos of the 2013 presidential inauguration at Peter Fetterman; Shai Kremer’s abstractions of the World Trade Center construction site at Robert Koch and at Julie Saul; and Massimo Vitali’s images of beachgoers at Bonnie Benrubi and Stephen Bulger.

These large pieces—as well as the digital objects at Wolkowitz—punctuated a sea of historical gems spread throughout the fair. —Paul Laster


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