"The End Is Nigh"
by Vince Aletti
The End Is Nigh (inaugural exhibition)
The New Yorker


A new photography gallery opens, perversely, with a show about endings. Clever, idiosyncratic, and hung salon-style, it includes just over fifty images, many of which have no apparent connection to the theme. But that’s not a problem when Susan Meiselas, Josef Koudelka, Peter Hujar, Diane Arbus, and Alex Webb are in the mix, along with Jacob Riis’s 1888 picture of an opium smoker in Chinatown, Ed Colver’s shot of a body flipping high above the crowd at a 1982 Dead Kennedys concert, and Harry Callahan’s deeply shadowed 1949 picture of his naked wife, her pregnant belly glowing faintly, like a full moon behind storm clouds. Through May 19. (Higher Pictures, 764 Madison Ave., at 65th St. 212-249-6100.)

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